And old user finally opening the gates to the Forum :)

knotz90985 Uploader
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27 May 2010
Hey everyone it's Knotz909, my name is Jam and I've been apart of the community for almost 7 years. I have barely entered the forums until today, but I realized it helps a ton and I can meet a very many great people here. SO, I chose to start engaging in the forum. I hope I can gain some like-minded friends and like-minded GAMERS, so I can make my experience here much more enjoyable. :)

I am a veteran of this site and torrenting in general, yet I am not very knowledgable of the forum. So anyone who wants to chat or contact me for any reason, message my profile :D

If i messed up on the forum by posting this here I apologize, happened already a couple times xD Anyways thanks a ton for having me! I'm sure i've caused a number of copyright junk against this site so I only feel good with contributions with what ever I can. thanks again :)
Star.Sapphire9709 Super User
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25 January 2014
You're in the right place! Welcome to the forum! wavesmilethumb_up
CarolDanvers12.69K Super User
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08 August 2014
Hello knotz90985 and welcome to the community

" smiles and gives you a big hug "
nixterydas14.67K Super User
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29 September 2015
Welcome to KAT forum wavewink
-PUNISHER-32.8K Super User
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23 March 2014
Welcome to KAT :)
Lostmyticket65.78K Super Moderator
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30 July 2013
Welcome to KAT - play well with others, read the rules and have fun.

Welcome kit sent by PM. Anything else, please feel free to ask...
Kiwidoge5838 Uploader
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19 October 2014
You've put your post in the correct place thump_up

Welcome to KAT by the way wave
RonthePirate5807 KAT Elite Mod
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19 October 2010
A 2010 start date. Kind of a rare animal.
Good to meet you, old-timer.
Not many have this many years.

(Belated) Welcome to KAT. Enjoy the forums.
[5c4lLY349]51.7K Uploader
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12 December 2014
LawFlirty63.26K Translator
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04 December 2014
!! Hello knotz90985 wave..Welcome to KAT, !!.Enjoy your!! :
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